A World Within - The Music of Andy Scott

The music on this recording charts new territory for both Foden\'s Band and its Composer-in-Residence, Andy Scott. The association began in 2007 when Foden\'s principal tuba player, Les Neish commissioned Andy to write Salt of the Earth, a concerto for tuba and brass band, with funds from the Worshipful Company of Musicians in recognition of the composer\'s success in winning the Wind Band and Brass Band section of the British Composer Awards 2006. The success of this initial collaboration, and what could be described as the \'Sandbach connection\' (Andy lives within walking distance of Foden\'s rehearsal space in the historic market town) led to Andy\'s appointment as the band\'s first ever Composer-in-Residence. This recording chronicles the first two years of this mutually inspiring partnership and the exciting new music that has resulted.\r\n\r\nAndy Scott, an original and intuitive composer, has a playing background as a saxophonist that covers a vast array of styles although his time with Foden\'s is his first foray into the uniquely specialised (or equally diverse!) world of brass banding. The result is a melding of elements as diverse as the formalism of Western classical music, the sparsity of Japanese minimalism, the evocative sounds of rural British folk tunes and the rhythms of jazz, all pulled together by Foden\'s characteristic warm ensemble sound and dazzling virtuoso playing, taking composer, band and listener into new and richly rewarding areas.\r\n\r\nWlll Upton\r\n\r\nImages by Ian Clowes, www.goldysolutions.co.uk
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