Cory Band - Ballet for Band

The winning performance of Ballet for Band (Horovitz) from the 1983 National Championships of Great Britain.rnrn1 Cory Major Arthur Kenny 197 rn2 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 196 rn3 GUS Keith Wilkinson 195 rn4 Grimethorpe James Scott 194 rn5 Fodens Howard Snell 193 rn6 Jones and Crossland Stephen Roberts 192 rn7 Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Geoffrey Brand 191 rn8 Fairey Engineering Denzil Stephens 190 rn9 Hanwell Ian Johnson 188 rn10 Parc and Dare James Watson 183 rn11 Easington Colliery D.Binding 182 rn12 Murray International Whitburn Anthony Swainson 181 rn13 Sun Life Walter Hargreaves 180 rn14 Tredegar Steve Walkley 179 rn15 Bon Accord S. Watson 176 rn16 Camborne Derek Greenwood 174 rn17 North Skelton Rob Wiffen 172 rn18 Halls Oxford Concert Brass Michael Brand 170
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