Eyes of A Child - Stavanger Brass Band

Eyes of a Child____The music of Eyes of a child is composed in 1999 by Svante Henryson for the five-part Swedish vocal group The Real Group Lyrics is written by Katarina Henryson who has been a member of The Real Group since it\'s beginning in 1984. The song is recorded on their CD-album Commonly Unique. ____The arrangement for solo flugelhorn and brass band was written for Espen Westbye and Stavanger Brass Band for the gala concert of the Siddis Brass competition in 2009. After that, the piece has been performed on the gala concert at All England Master in 2010 and in Royal Albert Hall (London) by Fodens Band.____Published by Norsk Noteservice____http://www.notebutikken.no/product_info.asp?Pid=30818
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