ISB120 Brass Spectacular DVD trailer

The glorious surroundings of London\'s Royal Albert Hall were invaded by the largest crowd to attend a Salvation Army event there for many years - with every seat in the upper orchestra, every row to the back of the arena and every corner of the balcony appearing to be occupied.____On stage were 244 empty seats. Before they were filled, concertgoers were treated to a brief history of the growth of brass banding in industrial England and of the way The Salvation Army saw this medium as potentially valuable in its early mission. The International Staff Band was then bathed in light and produced its own brilliance in Stephen Bulla\'s setting of \'Praise Him\', to which the words \'Praise Him, Jesus, our blessed Redeemer\' are associated, an apt reminder of what the ISB is all about.____DVD available (in PAL or NTSC) from World of Brass.
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